Automated Die-Sinking EDM ADV800

Function Description:

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Host parameter table

Product Series

ADV series
Machine model unit 800

Work surface size





Workbench load bearing T


X-axis travel mm 800
Y-axis travel mm 500
Z-axis travel mm 400
Distance from the work surface to the lower end plate of the spindle mm 250-670
Maximum electrode weight KG


Working fluid cavity size mm


Maximum liquid level mm 500
Working fluid tank volume L 1000
Machine weight T


Machine dimensions mm


Repeatability (X\Y\Z full stroke) mm


Oil tank opening and closing method

Automatic lifting

Lubrication system


CNC power supply unit All series
Maximum machining current 50A
Power input specification 380V
operating system windows 7
System language Chinese English
User storage capacity Standard >500MB,can be formulated
Storage method CF card,external memory
Input touch screen、USB、LAN
External interface type USB、LAN
Display method 15-inch LCD screen
Control the number of axes simultaneously Four-axis four linkage
Maximum processing efficiency ≥500mm3/min
Minimum electrode loss ≤0.05%
Optimal surface roughness Ra ≤0.08μm
Number of coordinates 60
Compensation system Step error compensation,plane step error compensation,torque compensation,and gap compensation for each axis
Editing function NC file editing during processing
Graphic display function XY/YZ/ZX plane,in-process drawing,background drawing,shaking shape drawing,discharge drawing,etc.
Minimum instruction unit 1μm
Minimum drive unit 1μm
Maximum feed rate 4m/min
Maximum lifting speed 5m/min
Total machine power 9KW
Shake type Free shaking,quadrant shaking,locking shaking,three-dimensional shaking
Processing editing tool

Expert System LN Auxiliary Tools、procon