Product details

MAX-15-ID/15N-1D/MAX-15N-ID-2 Specifications

project unit MAX-15ID MAX-15N-ID MAX-15N-2
Grinding aperture mm ø6~150 6~100
Grinding stroke mm ma×125
Workbench distance mm ø600
Chuck cover inner distance mm ø260
Height below the rack to the center of the chuck mm 1000
Grinding wheel shaft feed rate (X axis) Maximum movement mm 170 300
Grinding feed rate mm/min 0.001~10000
Rapid feed rate mm/mim 10000
Table feed speed (Z axis) Maximum movement mm 500
Grinding feed rate mm/min 0.001-15000
Rapid feed rate mm/min 15000
Minimum setting unit X axis mm ø0.0001
Z axis mm 0.0001
Working spindle rotation speed min-1 100~850
Working spindle swing angle deg -5~15
Motor Spindle kW 1.8(AC servo motor)
Grinding wheel shaft kW 3.7
X axis kW 1.2
Z axis kW 1.2
Required power (special configuration includes water spray device) kVA 8 12
Required area mm 2525×1860×1800 2525×2010×1800
Machine weight kg 2300 2400