Function Description:

1.Powerful,suitable for precision grinding of small parts with small complex profiles,such as molds,fixtures,etc.;

2.Operator-centered equipment and unique technical know-how for efficient and comfortable grinding;

3.The surface of the longitudinal guide rail of the workbench is made of Teflon,and the toothed belt is used in the transmission of the table to make the movement smooth and no sliding;

4.Long-term reliability;

5.operation and maintenance is simple and easy;

6.Designed to meet basic grinding needs.

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Product details

unit ACC350II
Workbench Processing capacity (length x width) mm 360×150
Distance from the work surface to the underside of the grinding wheel mm 297.5
Standard chuck size (length × width) kg 350×150
Work bearing capacity (including magnetic table) mm 120
T-slot (width x slot) mm 17X1
Longitudinal feed Maximum stroke mm 390
Manual feed per revolution mm 100
Horizontal feed Maximum stroke mm 210
Manual feed per revolution mm 5
Hand wheel scale mm 0.02
Vertical feed Manual feed per revolution mm 1
Hand wheel scale mm 0.005
Grinding wheel Diameter × width × inner diameter mm 205×6-2×31.75
Speed (50Hz) rpm 2900
Motor Wheel axle Kw/phase 1.5/2
Vacuum cleaner Kw/phase 0.4/2
Floor area Length x width x height mm 1440×1350×1918
weight net weight kg 740