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Electric discharge machining system

First,the automatic programming processing expert system (AOTU function):

Automatic programming processing system: no need to operate the automatic processing of the bridge,through simple dialogue input,the operation should be based on the screen prompts,input processing requirements,using artificial intelligence technology to rely on the expert process database,automatically calculate the feed rate,discharge gap,Machining allowance,discharge parameters,etc.,automatically generate machining instructions,realize multi-level conversion from roughing to medium and finishing,and automatically become processing to help the novice inexperienced to maximize the performance of the machine.

Second,the manual processing function:

Manual programming and processing using international standard code programming,suitable for more skilled and high-level operation,with advanced functions such as sub-program nesting and compensation parameter replacement,which can more flexibly apply existing results and maximize the efficiency of the machine.performance.

Third,the process expert system,focusing on all processing experience,suitable for EDM of various materials:

The system provides processing data corresponding to 11 electrode materials.According to the thousands of processing standards of the process expert database and the process experience data of tens of thousands of mold processing,not only ordinary materials but also beryllium copper,titanium alloy and magnesium can be processed.Alloy,aluminum alloy,NdFeB,cemented carbide,polycrystalline diamond,etc.Processing superhard materials such as PCD and CBN,featuring high processing efficiency and thin surface deterioration layer,meeting the processing requirements of various mold materials.