Dumont CNC Enterprise Introduction

2019-06-19 16:48:31 0


Beijing Dumont Numerical Control Technology Co.,Ltd.is a joint-stock industrial company under the Beijing Electric Processing Research Institute.It has accumulated the essence of electric processing technology accumulated for 30 years,and has cooperated with international companies in the same industry to create world-class technology products.

The company specializes in the manufacture of precision CNC electric machine tools and the development of precision motion control technology.Relying on strong scientific research and talent advantages,colleagues "introduced,digested and absorbed" international advanced technology,and continued to industrialize a series of precision CNC EDM machine tools with complete independent intellectual property rights in line with the spirit of continuous pursuit of excellence.

With a complete understanding of the core technology of the product and the quality of the product service process,we provide customers with systematic electroforming forming manufacturing business solutions.Faced with domestic and foreign competitors,product quality and core technology continue to improve,product specifications are complete,and process services are perfect.At present,it has become the main equipment manufacturer of domestic precision CNC EDM machine tools.

The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 system certification,and is responsible for the development and research of key national scientific research projects.It has the strongest key laboratory in the domestic special processing industry,and the software and hardware configurations are all international first-class.At present,the newly developed series of products equipped with five-axis five-link electrokinetic machining system has been successfully launched and broke the technological monopoly of the international market in one fell swoop,creating huge social benefits.

We will cooperate with the vast number of colleagues in the manufacturing industry in a professional and dedicated enterprise spirit to contribute to the "Made in China".