The Mmicro-nano Era Emerged,The Machine Ttool Industry Realized Intelligence

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As one of the main features that distinguishes machine tools from other machines,"precision" has always been the goal of the global machine tool industry.The emergence of the micro-nano era is inseparable from the support of emerging technologies,and the intelligent technology of the machine tool industry is currently applying a lot of results.The emergence of robots further enhances the level of machine micro-nano,and the rapid development of internal and external industrial robot industry has become a key technology and important product of intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation.It is also an important part of the higher stage of CNC machine tool automation.

Intelligentization is a high-level control technology that integrates information technology,system control technology,electronic technology,optoelectronic technology,communication technology,sensing technology,software technology and expert system to achieve the purpose of expanding or replacing mental labor.An important technical foundation for digital factories.Various types of industrial robots and examples of integrated application with machine tools fully demonstrate the current situation of industrial robots,the emergence of new army,rapid development,and the technological advantages and market prospects brought by the combination of CNC machine tools.CNC technology is the core technology of advanced manufacturing technology.Its overall level marks the level of industrial modernization of a country and the strength of its comprehensive national strength.It has a strategic material position that transcends its economic value.There is still a long way to go before we can become a machine tool powerhouse.

Large-scale power generation,power transmission and transformation equipment,large-scale petrochemical and coal chemical plants in the energy field require a large number of heavy-duty,precision,multi-coordinate,high-efficiency,special-purpose CNC machine tools for manufacturing.A heavy,double,Harbin and other energy equipment companies,many large key components must be produced by themselves,there is a great demand for high-end machine tools.It is reported that the demand for CNC machine tools in the power equipment manufacturing industry is embodied in the steam turbine block,turbine rotor and blade of thermal power and nuclear power;generator stator and rotor;nuclear heat exchanger and orifice plate;hydroelectric generator base stator and The rotors require heavy machine tools.

It is understood that in addition to the equipment required for traditional energy,the rise of the new energy industry will expand the application range of mechanical products,thus providing new market opportunities for processing equipment.The most obvious example is the development of the wind power industry for the demand for wind turbines and their components and the development of wind power processing equipment.At present,the overall design and load calculation capability of large-scale wind turbines in China is weak.The design and production capacity of control systems,generators,gearboxes and bearings are far from the advanced level of foreign countries.The key of bearing and control system of wind turbines Parts also need to be imported from abroad.One of the key factors of the restriction is that our manufacturing process and processing equipment are relatively backward.

However,machine tool leaders have recognized the important driving force of energy equipment and have begun to actively develop related machine tools.The XKD2755×570-2M CNC fixed beam double gantry mobile boring and milling machine independently developed by Wuzhong is suitable for the processing of large-sized parts such as wind power gears;the world's largest heavy-duty TK6932 CNC double-column floor milling boring machine independently developed by Qi Er Machine Tool is a large hydropower unit.The processing of very large workpieces in nuclear power plant equipment provides key processing machines.

"On the one hand,machine tools as the main machine for equipment manufacturing are the fundamental guarantee for the upgrading of the energy equipment manufacturing industry.On the other hand,the energy equipment industry has a strong pulling effect on the machine tool industry,which can help the machine tool industry to achieve industrial structure optimization and upgrading.Experts said that under the support of important industries such as energy equipment,the industrial structure and product structure of the domestic machine tool industry have seen some gratifying development trends: for example,new progress has been made in production line manufacturing technology and application fields;One of the main types of large-scale machines,the processing center is functionally compounded,and the performance is high-speed and precise.The precision machine tools enter the micro-nano era;the intelligent technology is widely used;the industrial robot industry has developed rapidly.Key technologies and important products for intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation.

The relevant person in charge of the National Energy Administration also said that in the process of structural adjustment and technological progress in the energy industry,it can stimulate the technological progress of domestic machine tool products and domestic processing equipment.The machine tool industry can ask energy companies to talk about demand,talk about products to be processed,process technology and requirements,conduct supply and demand docking,and then determine demonstration projects and supporting units.

In 2013,China's machine tool industry continued its development trend in the second half of 2012.The growth rate continued to slow down and the domestic market was sluggish.The demand for domestic low-end products has been significantly reduced,and the import volume has been running at a high level.The contradiction between product structure and market demand is more prominent.The military industry and energy equipment fields are considered to be an important driving force for China's machine tool industry to develop to the high-end and achieve industrial restructuring.