China's Machine Tool Iindustry Has Achieved Certain Market Results

2019-06-19 16:49:54 0


China's machine tool industry has achieved sustained and ultra-high-speed development in the past few years.Until the first half of 2011,demand is still very strong,but since the second half of last year,demand growth has slowed down significantly,new orders have fallen sharply,and economic benefits have been observed.Gradually,the profit rate continues to decline.During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period,the state implemented a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy.With the advancement of science and technology,product upgrading,and the continuous advancement of national key projects and local investment projects,the demand level of machine tool products in various industries of the national economy It will be further improved.The demand for high-level machine tools will be more urgent in the modernization of national defense.The market demand will develop to a higher level,and the new round of market competition will become more intense.CNC machine tools have become one of the key points in the revitalization of equipment manufacturing.

Experts admit that in order to develop the casting industry itself,and for the industrial development of China,China's machine tool casting industry should break through the bottleneck encountered in machine tool castings and continuously promote the development of the machine tool industry.Machine tools are indispensable production factors and production equipment in the era of mechanized large-scale production.They are also of great significance for the construction of modern industrial civilization.The machine tool consists of various components,most of which are from the foundry industry.These castings play an important role in the production of machine tools.

In recent years,the market demand of the domestic machine tool industry has gradually turned to medium and high-end machine tools.In the case of sluggish market growth,the market share of high-precision and intelligent CNC machine tools has increased.The proportion of CNC machine tools in total machine tool consumption has risen to over 60%.Machine tools are moving in the direction of high speed,precision,intelligence and green.However,domestic high-end machine tools are still mainly imported,and the market share of domestic brands is still very low.It can be said that high-precision intelligent CNC machine tools will be the development trend of the machine tool industry.

The development of China's current machine tool industry has achieved certain results and continues to develop steadily.After the machine tool production of Shenyang Machine Tool Group achieved the world's number one score,although this news shocked the people in the machine tool industry,this is only the result of the industrial scale of China's cast machine tool industry.This does not explain China.The machine tool industry is invincible in the world.On the contrary,its development still faces some restrictive factors.Among them,the backwardness of the technological level of machine tool castings is a major bottleneck.Only by breaking this bottleneck,it is possible for China's machine tool industry to achieve substantive breakthroughs and develop steadily.Achieving rapid development.