In The Future,China's Machine Ttool Industry Will Be More Environmentally Friendly And Efficient

2019-06-19 16:50:42 0


A few days ago,the production and sales data of China's auto market was released in April.According to the data,in April,the production and sales of automobiles were 1,89,940 and 1,841,700,respectively,down 8.9% and 9.5% from the previous month.It is estimated that by 2015,the total production and sales targets of China's six major vehicle manufacturers FAW,SAIC,Dongfeng,Changan,GAC and BAIC will exceed 28 million,and the total production and sales targets of the six independent brands of Chery,Geely,BYD,Great Wall,Brilliance and Jianghuai will be achieved.It will also reach 12 million units,and the annual sales volume of 40 million units will exceed the current sales by more than twice.

The huge automotive market is bound to stimulate the development of the related parts machine tool industry.According to the 2012 Global Automotive Industry Executive Survey Report released by KPMG,China's automobile idle capacity reached 6 million in 2011,and it is expected that by 2016,Idle capacity will also rise to 9 million units.By then,the competition in the Chinese passenger car market will intensify fiercely,and enterprises will face the survival of the fittest,while large-scale mergers and acquisitions and market adjustments will emerge.

Machine tools are the means of production of automobiles.The level of manufacture and quality of automobiles depends largely on the level of precision of the molds and machine tools.The automotive and parts industry is the largest and most important user in the metal cutting machine and mold manufacturing industry.In the processing of auto parts,CNC lathes and vertical machining centers produced in China can basically meet the needs of auto parts mold manufacturing.

According to statistics,China's auto industry is currently the mainstay of machine tool consumption.Machine tools account for about 2/3 of the total investment in fixed assets of automakers.The demand for machine tools for auto parts processing is about ten times larger than that of automakers.70% of the industry's machine tool needs.Three years later,due to the large amount of idle capacity and large-scale mergers and acquisitions in China's auto industry,the demand for machine tools in China's auto processing industry will gradually decline,and the machine tools it needs will be more environmentally friendly and efficient.