China's Machine Tool Industry Development Prospects Aattract Government Attention

2019-06-19 16:51:16 0

After experiencing the development process of learning,imitation and independent innovation,China's machine tool industry still has a considerable gap between precision,efficiency,automation,intelligence,environmental protection and foreign advanced level.

With the rapid development of science and technology in the world today,processing technology has entered the era of sub-micron and nano-scale super-precision processing.Networked manufacturing technology is in the ascendant,green manufacturing is highly valued,and the digital manufacturing of technology platform has been upgraded to a new stage of intelligent manufacturing,technology integration and technology.Compounding has become one of the most active trends in technology.Although China's machine tool industry has developed strongly over the years,it has been following the old road in terms of technology and strategy,and has not fundamentally sought to change its development ideas.

On the basis of the "National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan",the transition to processing units and cutting-edge flexible manufacturing systems will be gradually implemented.After the development of learning,imitation and independent innovation in China's machine tool industry,there is still a considerable gap between precision,efficiency,automation,intelligence,environmental protection and foreign advanced level.

The world machine tool industry has a highly international character,which is reflected in the internationalization of the market,internationalization of technology,and internationalization of investment.Based on this,the selection of models and paths suitable for the development trend of the contemporary machine tool industry is a must for the future domestic machine tool industry to be strong,and this choice should not only stay in form.At the same time,cross-border M&A is also an important way to implement industrial restructuring.In short,with a more open international vision,flexible and diverse forms of operation,the use of all available domestic and international industrial resources,to achieve a win-win situation,in order to achieve the machine tool industry innovation and upgrading objectives should be actively promoted and implemented.

At present,the state attaches great importance to the development of the machine tool industry.The national science and technology major project of high-grade and basic manufacturing equipment was put into operation in 2009.This has undoubtedly played a very positive role in promoting technological innovation of enterprises in the industry.However,in the specific implementation process,there is also the need for further improvement,so that relatively limited resources can play a greater role.The first is to select not only the output value,capacity and volume of the enterprise,but also the nature of the enterprise as the basis for the choice,but should consider the market position,influence and advancement of the enterprise product.The uniqueness and originality of technology,the future market development space and other factors,in order to maximize the role of the resources invested.Big is not necessarily strong,or even vice versa.This point is very obvious in the current domestic machine tool industry.The second is that given the complexity of machine tool products,the desire to accomplish a job is unrealistic.Then,concentrating resources to selectively make effective breakthroughs in some key technical problems in the industry may be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort and drive other technical problems.The third is to form and establish a long-term mechanism,implement dynamic management,evaluate the implementation effect,activate the enterprise's enthusiasm for technology research and development with special funds,and incite more industrial resources to invest in technological innovation activities with limited funds.Instead of making it a Tang Yan meat.The fourth is to establish a safeguard mechanism.The technological achievements obtained by public resources should be shared within the whole industry,rather than monopolized by special status.

We believe that China's machine tool industry will further deepen reform,actively adjust industry and product structure,transform economic growth mode,enhance independent innovation capability,accelerate research and development and market development of high-end and high-end components,further improve product quality and enhance service awareness,and improve With the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole industry,the industry will be able to achieve sustainable and sustainable development,and achieve the goal of becoming stronger and stronger.